The Magic Garden Child Care is a New York State license Group Family Day Care program designed to care for children six weeks to 12 years.  Here at the Magic Garden Child Care our Garden Gnomes’ dedication and commitment to each child is the root of educational excellence.


With an emphasis on quality care being foremost, our approaches to teaching combined with the right mix of social interaction, physical development and problem solving rationale, we are confident that each child will grow to reach their greatest potential and do sow within their zone of proximal development. 

Through developmentally appropriate programs that promote the use of music and movement, the love of literacy, scientific exploration and the great outdoors, The Magic Garden Child Care plants the seeds of knowledge that will inspire your little gardeners love for learning for many years to come. 

While our specialty is providing children the tools necessary to foster growth, The Magic Garden Child Care also supports parents with their child care needs to ensuring that all areas of children’s development are being addressed.

 The Magic Garden Child Care strives to ensure that every child has access to an enriched environment ideal for growing and that every caregiver is prepared to help them flourish in their own way, and in their own thyme. 

Full day child care:
Beginner Gardener-Infants 
Gardening for Twos
Ripe old 3’s
Universal Pre-Kindergarden
Univirtual Pre-Kindergarden 
Crop Rotation - before/after & wrap around 
Cross Pollinators - remote 
Partial sun (less than 5 days)
Partial shade (4 hour max )
Hybrid - 1/2 day & 1/2 time
Interactive play space 
Early Intervention & CPSE Services
After School STEM 

the garden variety

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Miss Denise

Mrs. Denise the owner and founder of The Magic Garden Child Care inc (Formally Time In Child Care Inc.) started her career of caring for children in high school. Denise attended Nyack College and earned a degree in management while substitute teaching for the NRCSD 2004-2008. During this time she also attended classes at the College of New Rochelle in pursuit of a Master’s degree in school counseling. In 2006, Denise earned her Master’s degree and decided to open her own in-home childcare program. Since then, Denise’s background in the NRCSD and her own experience as a parent has provided her with the skills necessary to build a strong educational foundation for The Magic Garden Child Care inc. As a testament to this, in October 2010, Denise received a Certificate of Accreditation from the National Association for Family Childcare (NAFCC). This is irrefutably a huge feat for such a young business. After seeing what Denise was able to accomplish in her first few years in business, Denise was inspired to return to school where she obtained a dual Master’s degree in both Early and Special Education, in hopes of furthering her own ability to provide the highest level of care for your children. In 2013 Denise became the first & only Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in a home based environment in the County of Rockland. In 2020 Denise was chosen as the 2020 Children’s Champion Award winner by the Child Care Resources of Rockland for exceptional commitment to children and their families. Denise’s dedication to children continues to grow so she, together with her staff can provide your children with the best educational experience to foster growth.


Elieen Sloboda

todd forsberg

diana carey

Assistant, Head of Transportation & Sports Programs 


Certified Red Cross Instructor & Substitute

fran golemis

emily Quattrocchi

Kelly Mcgillicuddy

Teachers Assistant UPK

Substitute Certified Teacher 

Teachers Assistant After School Program 

richard sloboda

Saige Gonzalez

mary d'urso


Classroom Teacher Gardening for Twos

In House Photographer

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